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What we offer:


Topographical, using up to date electronic instruments, producing a contoured map.

Site surveys, providing pinpoint accuracy at all stages of development, from initial stages to complex construction projects.

Boundary surveys, providing on the ground information using highly specialised instrumentation which can be compared to the Legally Registered Boundaries.


Production of maps for the sale and property of land for the auctioneering profession, providing Property Mapping, boundary verification, certification, etc.

Preparation of maps for the transfer of land and porperty units for both Registry of Deeds and land Registry. We also prepare maps for error correction in title maps.

We are also involved in the world of Cartography – the artistic area of mapping. A map is more than just numbers and lines, and we have always endeavoured to keep our drawings cartographically correct. We are also exploring the world of Map Art.


Provision of advice on any project to which survey data can be applied, from reassurance regarding a boundary issue to major neighbouring development concerns.

Court and Legal consultancy, backed up by years of experience applying our expertise to many cases.

Production of Statutaory Declarations, as required, and particularly for work carried out by our office.

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